MRI Overview

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test your doctor may order to diagnose a disease or injury, or to see how well a treatment is working.  

MRI does not use any radiation to create an image. Instead, MRI uses a strong magnetic field, radio waves to make detailed images of the part of your body being examined.

What You Need To Know


  • We’ll do everything we can to help you stay comfortable during your exam. Our goal is to capture high-quality images the first time and get your doctors the answers they need to guide your care.
  • Our skilled, caring technologists will talk you through every step of the exam. They’ll check in regularly to make sure you’re doing well.
  • The scanning room is kept cool for the MRI machine, but we have blankets available if you feel cold.
  • If you are uncomfortable at any time during your exam, let your technologist know.


Metal is not allowed in the MRI room because the magnetic field in the scanner attracts metal. Even some fabrics contain small amounts of metal, which can cause burns. That’s why we ask all of our patients to change into scrubs for MRI exams. You will be given a locker to store your clothes, and anything else you may have with you during your exam. You will be asked to remove any metal objects—even small ones—including jewelry, watches or hair clips.